Monday, February 23, 2015

"Instafame:" Using It Effectively

Instafamous (noun): Someone who becomes famous by gaining thousands of Instagram followers for simply posting cool photos.

I love Instagram, and I think it is an awesome outlet to brand yourself, get your name out there and make connections. By staying current on Instagram and keeping up with the movers and shakers of relevant trends, you can really do a lot with your brand. I have worked to create my personal brand by posting photos that show who I am, the things I like and how I spend my time.

 I recently became inspired by the Instagram account: @helloamerica_. It is run by a couple, who is road tripping across the country to create a photo book of all of America's hidden gems. When looking at their website, I noticed they have a tab titled "press." It turns out that companies like Free PeoplePoler Stuff and Urban Outfitters have featured them on their website blogs and social media. These companies and other small apparel brands have also reached out to them to do photo shoots and post pictures of their products on IG. When these companies are featured on @helloamerica_, they tag the company, and people like me who follow the couple's story can then follow the brand. This helps the brand gain followers and positive media attention.

By exploring on Instagram, noticing who their audiences follow and staying in touch with their consumers, companies can capitalize on opportunities like this for positive PR. I see this done all the time, and it is amazing how many of the brands I follow come from accounts like @abikiniaday and @tifforelie. These accounts promote other brands almost every day, and the collaboration and success that comes from it is vital and easily measured.

People can become "Instafamous" for a variety of reasons. It is important to note the credibility of an account before reaching out to it for collaboration. This can be easily figured out based on their photos, the number of followers they have, and the amount of likes and comments they get on their pictures. It is pretty easy to figure out if the person legitimate if you do some research and take a good look at their account.

Taking advantage of Instagram can be very beneficial. It is difficult to start from scratch with an account, but working with "Instafamous," creative people can quickly improve your brand's credibilty

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