Sunday, March 8, 2015


Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of watching the indie film, "Chef." The film came out in 2014 and is the most trendy and current film I have seen yet. The plot is centered around a gourmet chef who lost his career largely in part to a tweet that he sent to a food critic that wrote him a poor review. He ends up being inspired by a trip to Miami and starting a food cart that has huge success because of social media.

The film highlights the important issue that I have learned in my public relations classes of the huge impact social media has on our world today. In the film, the chef's 10-year-old boy goes along the journey with his dad to help him start the food cart. He creates a Twitter, Vine and Facebook page for the food cart, where he constantly posts photos of their whereabouts. His dad knows nothing about social media and the boy teaches him its importance and how it can really make a business grow and succeed.

One thing I have learned is that when we enter the real world, employers are going to assume we know everything about social media because we are millennials. One of my favorite people to follow on Twitter is Peg Fitzpatrick, a social media master, who posts and blogs daily about social media tips and hacks.

The whole time I was watching this film in my living room, people kept walking in and saying, "Whoa, when did this come out?" It was so current and revolved so much around social media, I think that every aspiring PR professional should watch it. "Chef" is a perfect example of how negative press can turn into something great, and there is always a way to put a positive spin on things.

The film was very realistic and clearly showed the positive and negative impacts of social media in a business setting. While I had previously looked down upon the idea of working for a start-up, this film inspired me that it could be an exciting and fun career, as long as you are passionate about the company and its growth.

Takeaway: watch "Chef" and be inspired like I was.

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