Sunday, March 1, 2015

How Moving To Oregon Made Me Appreciate Beer

Microbreweries are everywhere in Eugene and all over Oregon. Since I turned 21, I have realized how much I love trying new beers and going to breweries. There is nothing like it in Southern California (though I think it's on the rise), and so it is something that really reminds me of being here.

It's an atmosphere thing. The beer is good, the food is good, the people that work there are down to earth and easy going, and the overall feel of the inside always gives off good vibes. Microbreweries have really found their niche and understand how to reach their target audience.

Like many other hobbies and activities, the microbrew world has become a culture. It is about more than the beer. Like I mentioned before, it is about the overall atmosphere of the brewery. These companies have done an awesome job of catering to their audience, which is mainly millennials.

Here in Eugene, local restaurants and bars have all the major local favorites on tap: Hop Valley, Ninkasi, Falling Sky, etc. They also have other Oregonian favorites like Windmer, Deschutes and Ten Barrel.

This article analyzes how microbreweries are on the rise in America. It discusses the business and science behind it and why it has become such a craze for young people everywhere. This article focuses on the importance of collaboration; this is what made companies actually start to make good beer.

But let's look at it from a PR standpoint. I see a ton of PR success in Eugene surrounding microbreweries. Stickers, for one, of beer labels are everywhere. Any time you go to a brewery, there are stickers by the register and it has become sort of a trend to put them on your mini fridges, lap tops, water bottles, etc. Stickers are such a basic form of PR that, in my mind, works like a charm.

Another aspect they've mastered is social media. Since most of these labels are run by young men, they are tech savvy and know how to reach their audience. They tweet about happy hour specials, events and new beers to test out. Social media is a major platform for these companies, and they have definitely used it effectively.

Almost every person between the ages of 21-26 like beer. Men and women alike. And this industry has really discovered that and done an awesome job of reaching out to us millennials.

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