Sunday, January 25, 2015

The X Games are a Mecca for action sports brands

Can you count how many different brands are represented in this short video? In just three minutes, we see more than 15 logos, even though the focus of the video is Danny Davis and his success at the X-Games, not how many sponsors he has.

Companies can use events like the X-Games as a way to advertise and promote their products. Action sports, like snowboarding, are really the only sports where competing brands are represented on the same spectrum.

For instance, when looking at Danny Davis, we see Burton, Analog and Dragon Alliance, to name just a few. These brands are all competitors in the same industry. They make similar products and cater to the same consumers, but are collectively represented by Davis. We don't see this as much in other sports. When it comes to apparel, if an athlete is sponsored by Nike, you wouldn't catch them dead wearing Adidas. With action sports, it doesn't seem to be that way.

Additionally, these brands use events like the X Games as opportunities for PR and advertising campaigns. For instance, this year, Jeep was the premier automotive sponsor of ESPN’s X Games. The company used this opportunity to launch their new “Jeep Wrangler X Edition”, inspired by X Games athletes. Because the audience that attends the event, Jeep worked well as a sponsor because the people who attend the X Games are the type of people who would want an all-weather, off-roading car. While Jeep isn’t an action sports brand, the company was very smart in using the X Games as a way to reach a larger audience. Read more about Jeep and its campaign here.

Events and festivals are the perfect opportunity for brands to gain positive PR. By capitalizing on these opportunities and being aware of their customers, these brands can gain a larger following and learn more about their audience. 

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